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Abul Bashar
Google Play Review
“Tried in a roulette game and played for 1 hour and 40 minutes and i had 27000 chips and i am now at 115000 ,Liked it very much and bought the premium version”
Sylvia Howarth
Google Play Review
“Please keep this as it is spot on works great thank you X perfect”
Sandhya Parab
Google Play Review
“Very complex at depth level!”
Philip Malcolm
Google Play Review
“Over the years I have downloaded and used a lot of Roulette apps, this one has been the best and most profitable, if I could give it more than five stars I would.”
Dirga Libro
Google Play Review
“I dont have to pay this app. The app pay itself. Overall is WORTH!!!!!”

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What is Roulette Kicker?

Roulette Kicker is an app that helps you to play roulette. It is not a magic app that will tell you where to bet to win money. It is just a tool that you can use to track the numbers and then act accordingly based on your playing strategy.

How to use Roulette Kicker?

Roulette Kicker is created to provide players a tool, which is intuitive and powerful at the same time. The main function of the app is to track the numbers and zones to see how long they haven't come up. In addition to this it allows you to use famouse strategies like Logarithm and dealer signatures. You need to study for you self before applying owl-theme

Can I make money using Roulette Kicker?

The purpose of Roulette kicker is to provide the player a tool to help playing roulette. The game of roulette is subject to mathematical laws so you could lose everything. With Roulette Kicker you have an arsenal of strategies to keep track of the numbers and zones that you don't have to the math in your head.


How do I use the DST (Dealer Signature Tracker) strategy in Roulette Kicker?

To utilize DST, observe the consistency of a dealer's spins. Look for patterns where neighboring numbers appear closer together, indicating consistent spins. Patience is key to identifying these patterns and capitalizing on them effectively.

What is the significance of the LOG (Wheel Signature) strategy in Roulette Kicker?

LOG strategy focuses on recognizing patterns derived from both dealer and wheel signatures. By understanding dominant logs, players can strategically place their bets to capitalize on streaks and increase their winning potential.

How can I implement the Neighbors Strategy in my gameplay with Roulette Kicker?

The Neighbors Strategy involves tracking specific numbers within zones that haven't appeared for several spins. With Roulette Kicker, customize your tracking preferences and adapt your strategy to target these dormant numbers for enhanced gameplay..


What advanced statistics does Roulette Kicker provide to improve my gameplay?

Roulette Kicker offers detailed statistics and data to enhance your strategy, including tracking progress, analyzing performance, and identifying patterns and trends within the game. Use this information to refine your approach and make informed decisions.

Can I customize the statistics and data provided by Roulette Kicker?

Yes, Roulette Kicker allows users to customize their statistical preferences based on individual gameplay needs. Tailor your analysis by adjusting settings and parameters to suit your strategic goals and preferences.

How do I interpret the percentages and number matrix provided by Roulette Kicker?

The percentages and number matrix in Roulette Kicker offer valuable insights into the frequency of numbers appearing on the roulette table. Use this information to inform your betting strategy and optimize your chances of success.


Are there any hidden costs or in-app purchases associated with Roulette Kicker?

No, Roulette Kicker is transparent about its pricing structure. Once you purchase the app, you'll have access to all features and updates without any additional charges.

Is there a free trial available for Roulette Kicker?

The free version of Roulette Kicker comes with limited features. Roulette Kicker does not offer a free trial for its advanced strategies. Our app is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your investment is risk-free.


Can I customize alerts and notifications in Roulette Kicker?

Yes, Roulette Kicker allows you to customize alerts and notifications according to your preferences. You can choose which events trigger notifications and adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Are there options to adjust the app's language and interface?

Absolutely! Roulette Kicker supports multiple languages, including English and Italian. You can easily switch between languages within the app's settings menu, ensuring a seamless user experience for players around the world.

Can I personalize other settings within the app?

Yes, Roulette Kicker offers a range of customizable settings to enhance your gaming experience. From Alert to DST, LOG & Neighbors strategies, you have full control over how the app functions to suit your preferences..

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